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In the market for a new carpet? Be sure to check out the performance characteristics to ensure you choose a carpet that will hold up well and have a long life.

There are several things to look for, including a twist in each individual yarn. Several qualities give performance, including the density of the carpet and the amount of twist, or crimp. Density should not be confused with the height of the pile. Pile height has nothing to do with performance. Generally, the more twist in the carpet yarns, the more spring, which hides footprints. However, there is a tradeoff. Colors are more vibrant in carpets that don't have that crimped texture.

Other properties to look for are stain protection, soil protection and static resistance. Most homeowners clean their carpets about once a year, so in the interim, you want the carpet to perform as well as possible in these three areas.

The carpet industry has done some amazing things in protecting against stain, soil and static. When no carpet is completely protected, today's products are better than ever.

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We have a wide array of solutions for your flooring needs.  Let us help you learn the benefits of each so you choose the best floor covering for your needs.


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Not only do we sell and install floor coverings, but we can assist you with cleaning and maintenance of your floors.

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When you select the floor finishes for your new house, you may decide to splurge on tile or hardwood for your kitchen and entry foyer. But for most of your living space, you'll probably conclude that carpet is the most cost-effective choice. That's the easy part. Then you have to pick one or two from a vast number of carpet squares that line the walls of the builder's sample room..


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